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The creative impulse of a young brand combined with a strong ready-to-wear experience.
Real time fashion, made in carefully chosen workshops, without any intermediaries.
A meticulous work focused on curating the finest fabrics, designing the perfect fit and choosing fine details and accessories.
A fresh universe and colorful collections brightened by bold prints.
An effortless yet feminine wardrobe designed to be worn all day and all night long.

Idano emerged in 2014 from the meaningful encounter of a prestigious garment workshop and a passionate stylist. After collaborating for many years on the Parisian ready-to-wear scene, they decided to create their own constantly reinventing brand. Always keeping a close look on the latest trends, Idano relies on the expertise of its workshops to give its own real-time interpretation of fashion.

The brand is committed to rule out any intermediaries, for the benefit of its customers. Regarding designs, fabrics or prints, Idano’s goal is always the same: providing affordable and irreproachable quality. This unique model within the traditional ready-to-wear field allows the brand to offer every season a trendy, effortless and feminine wardrobe.