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The creative impetus of a young brand combined with a solid experience in ready-to-wear.

Fashion in real time, made in carefully selected workshops, without the hassle of middlemen. 

Meticulous work on the choice of materials, cuts and finishes. 

A fresh universe and collections that come to life with their colours and prints. 

A feminine, no-nonsense cloakroom, to be worn from morning to evening or from evening to early morning.

Idano was born in 2014 from the meeting between a renowned clothing workshop and a passionate designer. After several years of cohabitation in the Parisian ready-to-wear world, they imagined together the project of a brand in perpetual reinvention. An attentive observer of the latest trends, Idano relies on the reactivity and know-how of its workshops to interpret fashion in real time. 100% vertical, the brand reduces the number of intermediaries to zero for the benefit of its customers. From styling to fabric manufacturing, from the finishing of the garment to the elaboration of the prints, Idano remains master of its production with always the same objective: to make quality affordable. This original model in the ready-to-wear world allows the brand to offer each season a daily, feminine and up-to-date wardrobe.

How are our clothes designed?

Each season, our stylist designs all the silhouettes of the collection. Our prints are exclusive and are also designed by our styling office, which also carries out sourcing work to find the most beautiful fabrics.

When each design is validated, our pattern maker draws up a technical file indicating the measurements of the garment, the finishes, the accessories... This is sent to our workshops in China which create a pattern and then make a prototype of the garment. We then receive this prototype, which is then tested, measured and adjusted.

Once the last changes have been made, production is started. The collection then arrives directly to us, from our factories, without intermediaries.

All your orders are prepared by us, in our Parisian offices. This allows us to personalize your parcels according to the seasons and to guarantee you a reactive and efficient customer service.